Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Ministry Has Begun At Settled In Heaven

Settled In Heaven Ministries is beginning a new type of teaching series.  This new ministry is entitled “Teach Others Also”.   This ministry will consist of 13 video and written lessons specifically tailored for SS classes, Home Bible Studies, and Small Group Meetings.  This ministry was started based upon several requests we have received for a quarterly (12 or 13 week) teaching series.     

Our first series entitled “The Precious Word” will begin with the first weekly posting on Sunday Morning July 1st and is scheduled to conclude with the Sept 23rd posting.  This will give anyone interested the ability to see much of this series before the fall quarter begins.  Hopefully, after seeing the first several lessons you will be able to decide whether you would like to use this series in the upcoming quarter.

This study will be emphasizing the importance of the Word of God for the Christian while, at the same time, answering questions that are commonly asked by unbelievers.  It will be clearly demonstrating that the Word of God supplies the believer with EVERYTHING that is needed to serve the Lord for the entire course of their lives.  For the unbeliever they will be receiving truths about God, Sin and Salvation and many other important truths.

The 13 interconnected subjects that are covered in this series are:

1.       Introduction to the study – The Preciousness of the Word

2.       Does God Exist?

3.       Are We Created Beings?

4.       Is There A Messiah?

5.       Does Sin Exist?

6.       How Can I Be Comforted In the Midst of Suffering?

7.       What Happens When We Die?

8.       How Can We Prepare For Death?

9.       Where Can We Find Lasting Joy?

10.    What Is The Meaning To Life?

11.    Why Does Tragedy Exist?

12.    Is There A Universal Standard Of Right and Wrong?

13.    Summary Of Our Study – The Preciousness Of the Word  (Can be deleted for classes using 12 week quarters)

 The series material includes:

1.       The 25 minute video lesson presentation (for those who would like to lead a Bible study group without a availability of a teacher).  This video will be posted on the SIH blog along with the written copy.

2.       The Written copy of the current lesson as a blog posting each Sunday morning

3.       The 117 page Student/Teacher Manual which can be downloaded here in .pdf or .doc  format. It is highly suggested that each student receives a copy of this manual to aid in the teaching process.  This manual includes:

a.         a written outline of each lesson ( a copy of the written lesson that was posted on the blog website)

b.        from 5 to 7 questions for each lesson

c.        an answer key at the end of the book (pg 100-113)  that can easily be deleted from the students copy of the manual

This is the first time I have attempted this type of series so it is a learning process for me. I have attempted to correct as many errors as possible in the handbook, however, let me apologize for any errors that may still exist.

If you have any suggestions regarding subjects for upcoming series, improvements or any type of changes you would like to see with these lessons please feel free to contact me at ANY INPUT IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. The feedback I receive from this initial series will form the future path for this ministry.

As always, all the material offered is free of charge.  All of these materials may be distributed freely.  All that is asked is that no monetary gain be received from the distribution of these materials.  May the Lord bless each one of us as we begin this new ministry at SIH Ministries.  I trust this ministry will be a blessing to each one of us.

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